Japanese Tea ceremony at “Tengai” area

Japanese Tea ceremony at “Tengai” area

A Superb tea ceremony experience is here at ART MON ZEN KYOTO.
Every tea ceremony utensils for the tea ceremony would be selected from “Nakanishi Shohoken” collection, learn the rules, etiquette and fulfill your five senses enjoying the tea ceremony.

Nakanishi Shohoken
Nakanishi Shohoken is an Art Dealer specializing in tea ceremony utensils, founded in 1907.
Fourth and current president is Teruyuki Nakanishi, owner of ART MON ZEN KYOTO.
Hotel quests are welcome to the gallery, to find fine crafts of Japanese modern and antique art,
centered on tea ceremony implements and Chinese artworks as well.



Approximately 40 minutes
5,000JPY per person (tax and service charge included)
Reservations can be made up to 1 week in advance.