Kimono Experience

Kimono Experience

To be dressed in Japanese traditional costume “ Kimono” will make your stay at Kyoto more memorable.
A professional Kimono teacher will come to your room and dress you perfectly, then enjoy your day with it!

*We will pick up the Kimono after putting off.
*Hair styling and other options are available. Please enquire us for details.



■Komon/Nagoyaobi Plan
11,495JPY (tax and service charge included)
■Homongi Plan Standard (Formal Kimono:Homongi or Tukesage or Iromuji)
21,220JPY (tax and service charge included)
■Furisode/Homongi Plan Premium (Formal Kimono:Homongi or Iromuji or Furisode)
43,560JPY (tax and service charge included)

Reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance.